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Pai Gow Poker Tournaments

Before entering into one of the many Pai Gow Poker Tournaments that are currently available on the net, it makes sense to learn a little bit more about this form of poker. The objective of this type of poker is to ensure that both of your poker hands ranks higher than the corresponding hands held by the banker. Each hand is played and also ranked in the same ways as regular poker hands are ranked and played.

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In Pai Gow Poker, you need to ensure that the total points in your hand is the highest, which is of course (in two cards) to be nine. Cards bearing a value of ten or above get a score of zero, while an Ace is valued at one. The value points of the two cards will be summed up and then the total count will not be taken into account. You can place your best before your cards are dealt to you. You will be dealt seven hands, which are divided into 2 poker hands, which include a two card front hand and a back hand with five cards.

Now that you have been given a brief introduction to Pai Gow Poker, it is time for you to try and win some serious money at one of the many Pai Gow Poker Tournaments that are available today.

Before playing at these tournaments you will need to buy in for the tournament. Each tournament will have its own minimum buy-in amount. Whatever amount you choose to buy in with, it will go into the prize pool for the top finishers, and most casinos also add a hefty sum to the prize pool on a weekly basis. There may be a limit to the number of people who can sign up for the tournament. Some casinos also offer discount prices for their Pai Gow Poker Tournaments.

The person who wins the tournament will get the major part of the prize pool, which often means that they get to win about forty percent of the total prize pool. The second placed finisher will get half of what the first placed finisher gets, while the third placed finisher will get about five percent less than the second placed winner. The other winners get correspondingly lesser sums of money as compared to what a higher ranked winner gets to win.

The buy-in for the tournament can be in cash or with points, with the latter being used for partial payments. However, players need to have the complete buy-in amount available in their accounts.

Most Pai Gow Poker Tournaments have three different rounds including the quarterfinals, semi-finals and the final rounds. The first prize is often a sizeable sum of money and a winner from each of the semi-finals will get a chance to play at the finals. Furthermore, the rules also allow the person who has the second highest bank roll from a table to enter into a new table where the first prize again is a sizable amount. At this table, there are six different prize levels starting from first and ending at the sixth level.

To win one of the Pai Gow Poker Tournaments, you need to play with skill and strategy. When the dealer is the banker, the house holds a 2.8 percent edge. You have to use all your skill to set your hand in such a way that this edge is reduced by about 0.3 percent. You can also win by becoming the banker as many times as is possible and by betting as little as you can when you are the player. The best way of winning these tournaments is by banking the maximum amount possible and by setting the hands as well as possible.

The highest hand in Pai Gow Poker is five aces, which include four aces plus a joker. Next, is the Royal Flush, which includes the ace, king, queen jack and ten of a single suit. The lowest hand is one which does not have a pair in which the five cards are all of a unique rank and not of the same suit. To make the Pai Gow Poker Tournaments more attractive, many online casinos allow players to place optional side bets for the bonus jackpots. How much or how little you get to win depends on the value and rank of your high hand and low hand.

One thing you can find at live casinos is Pai Gow Poker tournaments. This is where people compete against each other to see who can get the most chips by the end of each round. They are fairly popular, and add a whole new dimension to the game of Pai Gow Poker.

Obviously, there are poker tournaments online. Lots of them. Texas Holdem, 7 Card Stud – the list is endless.

But is there online Pai Gow Poker Tournaments?


Unfortunately Pai Gow Poker has not managed to get into the world of online tournaments yet.

On a quick sidenote – if you are looking to play Pai Gow Poker, either for free or real money you can do so at

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who have an excellent Pai Gow Poker game.

We reached out to the online casinos as we were curious too – why the heck is there no such thing as Pai Gow Poker online tournaments? I mean we did our research; no online casino has ever offered such a thing!

The answer is unfortunately simple: there’s no interest.

Pai Gow Poker at the majority of online casinos does not get a lot of traffic. And even when Pai Gow Poke tournaments are run offline – they just don’t prove popular.

So that’s why there is no Pai Gow Poker online tournaments. We asked the casinos if they would ever launch something like that but they said it would only be if there was a “boom” in Pai Gow Poker – and they can’t see that happening.

Run Your Own Pai Gow Poker Online Tournament

While there is no Pai Gow Poker tournaments online – you could still run your own tournament.

Get a group of people who want to play, and get them to pay the entry fee. Let’s say you charge $10 entry fee, and then set yourself a prize pool.

Then use a website like

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. With that casino, you are able to play Pai Gow Poker for free, and are given 1,000 chips. So that can be everyones buyin.

You would set it up on Skype or similar to make sure they are not cheating and are sharing their screen with you, and then just monitor everyone playing and give them a set amount of time.

It’s not the most ideal way to do it – but it’s one way and it would work. One thing I would suggest is record it all and show it to online casinos so they see that hey – there actually IS somewhat of an interest for Pai Gow Poker online tournaments.

And if you do set something up – let me know. I’d love to play!

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