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What Happened to PDC Poker? Did PDC Poker Close?

On Tuesday, December 11th 2012 it was announced that PDC Poker was closing.

The announcement came out of nowhere, to both players and affiliates. There was no warning or advance notice whatsoever.

Thankfully, it wasn’t all bad news.

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Unlike the closure of various other online poker rooms – there was actions already in place to take care of PDC Poker Players. PDC Poker is owned by the Chipsplit brand, which is also responsible for both Carbon Poker and Aced Poker.

All PDC Poker player accounts would be merged into Aced Poker, and their balances, rewards, details etc would all carry over to Aced Poker.

I personally tested this out for myself. The software transition was practically seamless – I didn’t even need to log in. I ran PDC Poker, and it immediately notified me of the change, downloaded the Aced Poker software, updated itself and within a minute, I was able to log into my PDC Poker account – just on Aced Poker.

There is no known reason as to why PDC Poker closed. The only thing one is led to assume, is that they had poor numbers. This is a shame, as PDC Poker was Chipsplits original poker room. However over the years, we’ve seen Chipsplit lessen the promotions and marketing dollars towards PDC Poker, and instead focus on their new flagship room Carbon Poker, as well as Aced Poker – which was originally not under the Chipsplit umbrella. They purchased Aced Poker when Aced closed.

If you are a PDC Poker player then don’t worry – your money is completely safe. As mentioned above, all of your details are completely safe and are now available on Aced Poker. If you still have the PDC Poker software installed then running it will update the software to Aced Poker, and log you in automatically. If you don’t have the software, simply download Aced Poker

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Additional PDC Poker Closed Questions:

Is PDC Poker closed forever?

Most likely. Sometimes brands re-open, but it doesn’t seem like that will happen with PDC Poker. Chipsplit are finding a lot more success with Carbon Poker and Aced Poker.

Should I trust Carbon Poker or Aced Poker? Will they close in the future?

There are always some concerns, due to the fact that they both accept American players. You just never know with a room. In saying that, I do trust both of these rooms and the people behind these rooms, and would be highly surprised if they closed down at any point in the near future. But when a team starts chopping brands, approach with caution.

Is this related to RPM Poker Closing?

No. The RPM Poker closing has nothing to do with PDC Poker closing, although Chipsplit offered the option for RPM Players to move over to Carbon Poker with the same rewards bonuses and promotions.

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