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Where To Play Omaha Poker Online

Omaha, in all it’s variations, can be played online at almost every online poker room. Most poker rooms run all forms of Omaha, from standard Omaha to Omaha Hi/Lo, with limit games, pot limit games and sometimes no limit games. You can also play Omaha heads up at various rooms, and at either full ring(10 people to a table) or 6-max games.

Best Poker Rooms

For US players, the best poker rooms to play Omaha are Full Tilt Poker, Pokerstars and Doyle's Room. All three of these poker rooms offer Omaha in various formats, and both Full Tilt and Pokerstars have mixed games like HORSE which of course includes Omaha. Both Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars offer the most traffic for all variants of Omaha at different limits, however Doyles Room Poker has the worst poker players, which means you may prefer to play Omaha there. Even without the traffic, you are going to have better chances to win playing Omaha at Doyles Room Poker. Just make sure the player you’re sitting across from isn’t Doyle Brunson!

For non-US players, obviously the three rooms above are excellent choices. We would also recommend PKR Poker, Fortune Poker and Party Poker. All three rooms attract a strong European playerbase which are generally known as “fish” – these games are very soft, and easy to make some extra money at the tables. The pros and cons of each room would be:

PKR Poker: 3D Graphics attract the fish, however it is hard to find games at high limits, and the software can be slow.

Fortune Poker: Probably the softest games online, however not a lot of traffic above games with a $400 buyin.

Party Poker: Best software, and lots of traffic at all limits.

Really, the best rooms for Omaha poker depends on where you want from a game of Omaha. Do you want a high level of competition? Full rooms at high money levels? Heads up? Tournaments? Or just a soft game where you can make some money? Whatever it is you’re looking for, there’s a book for you.

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Additional Online Omaha Questions:

Do the rules in Omaha differ online compared to offline?

No, the rules of Omaha are exactly the same online or offline. Everything from the quantity of cards dealt to the hand rankings to the process of whose turn it is in regard to the big blind, small blind and dealer are all played exactly the same both online and off line.

Is there practise money tables where I don’t have to wager real money?

Yes! Practically every single online poker room will offer the ability to play for “play money”. If you have never played Omaha or poker online before I would strongly advise you get your feet wet by trying the play money tables first. It will also allow you to understand a poker rooms software as they all differ and have different features. You may also find you like one poker room more than the other so it’s good to try out different poker rooms using the play money tables and see if one software appeals to you more than the other. When using “play money” it’s best to treat it as real money so when you do move on to using your hard earned cash you won’t be throwing it around carelessly like you were when learning the game.

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