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How To Win a Bingo Progressive Jackpot

We often get questions here at Casino Answers about how to be a better bingo player and how to win an online bingo progressive jackpot. While there’s no definitive ways to improve your bingo play, we can help with a few pointers to maximize your chances of hitting that ever-elusive bingo jackpot.

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  • Play as many cards as possible
    It sounds elementary, but often bingo players will take it slow by only buying a few cards at a time. While that may extend the time you’re playing, the chances are that you won’t be winning that giant jackpot with only a couple of cards. Choose the amount of cards you play based on the price of the card, your budget and the time of day you’re playing. Which brings us to…
  • Stay off weekends and peak times
    Your best odds of winning are not when the most number of players are on the network. Beat the crowds and find a time where not to many people are online, as to prevent them from beating you to that large pot or progressive jackpot. If you’re a morning person, maybe an early bird session might be a wise idea. If you’re a nightowl, some Midnight Madness at your favourite online bingo hall might just be what the jackpot doctor ordered.
  • Make sure you’re playing a jackpot game
    Not all bingo games are eligible to win the hall’s progressive jackpot. This depends on what bingo site you are playing at. Be careful about looking over the rules for the bingo hall and if you want that bingo jackpot, make sure to wait for a jackpot game to start buying all of your cards!
  • Remember to pre-buy your cards
    A great feature utilized by many of the online bingo rooms is the pre-buy option. You can make sure you never miss that jackpot game by buying your cards in advance! Sure, it takes some of the thrill out of playing, but you’ll get that thrill back once you take home that jackpot!
  • Take advantage of the best bingo bonus
    Of course it helps to win that progressive jackpot if your bankroll is supplemented by some free bingo cash! Find yourself a generous bonus from one of the many amazing online bingo halls around, make the maximum deposit that you can at one time to best take advantage of that bonus. Usually you would have to do the research to find the best bingo bonus, but we can point you in the direction of Bingo Gala. At Bingo Gala, you will get a 350% signup bonus with no wagering requirements! They also have 250% reload bonuses and a $10 free no deposit bonus when you use the bonus code GALAN!
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      Much like for their outstanding deposit bonuses, we also like Bingo Gala for their selection of progressive jackpots. They have bingo jackpots for each one of their seven bingo halls that are in the several thousand dollar range.

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