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Electro Bingo

Electro Bingo is a high-tech casino game made by Microgaming. Electro Bingo is among the various online casino games–suchlike games include Mayan Bingo, Samba Bingo, and Pharaoh Bingo–whose development was inspired by the traditional bingo. Electro Bingo, which is a party-themed casino game, is meant to be played by one person each time. In order to play, players select between one and four cards wherein every card comprises of 15 numbers; as such, there are 60 balls in total. Players stake between $1 and $5 on the bingo cards.

Those playing Electro Bingo are required to attempt to match at least 14 combinations out of the 15 numbers contained in a card. Electro Bingo players can win as much as 20,000 times their stake if they successfully match a card using the first batch of 30 balls. Other prizes that players can win for successful combinations include X3, X8, X10, X40, X75, X200, X300, X500, X750, and X1500. The 60 default balls aside, Electro Bingo players can order more balls; they can do so by simply clicking the “Yes” icon after the end of each game.

Electro Bingo: Game Review
Electro Bingo is increasingly being adopted by hitherto lovers of the traditional bingo. As long as the players have Flash-enabled gadgets, they can play on the go and without necessarily downloading the game or registering online. Electro Bingo has an uncluttered interface; it is an advanced game and no doubt the developer needed to prioritize the space required to exhibit the many features. Therefore, there is no room for unnecessary and potentially distracting images. Moreover, Electro Bingo readjusts itself to fit the screen resolution of a player’s gadget.

All in all the interface is awesome. The first thing that comes to the mind when you see Electro Bingo is a virtual DJ application and revolving strobes in a typical disco. And this idea is not far-fetched, at least based on the neon icons and the layout of the interface. And just like a virtual DJ app is a faithful replica of a turntable, so is the Electro Bingo a faithful replica of the traditional bingo game.

On the flip side, Electro Bingo will not appeal to dyed-in-the-wool traditional bingo game fans, especially those who revere the cool feel of the old school paper card. The fact that players of Electro Bingo can purchase extra cards gives those players an advantage over their counterparts who prefer the traditional bingo game; however, while the idea of purchasing extra balls might appear godsend, the players have to pay extra cash for the extra balls. What’s more, the cost of the extra balls is not fixed but rather determined randomly, and can be costly at times. Lastly, various jurisdictions have set rules determining the limit of cards for a given name; for instance, Texas wherein players are not allowed to have cards exceeding 66 in one game.

Electro Bingo: Strategy
Electro Bingo software is programmed to offer an extra ball if a player is a step from clinching a bingo. In this case, a player should take advantage of the extra ball as it greatly shores up chances of winning. However, it is vital for the player to stick to relatively cheaper extra balls. Theoretically, Electro Bingo has a Return to Player (RTP) of 94.99%. Reports show that the various online variants of Bingo games, including Electro Bingo, have a house edge of about 5.3%.

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