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Actors Who Enjoy Casino Games in Their Free Time

We love to watch actors on the screen performing in our favorite films and TV shows. They are known for being masters of their craft as they have decades of experience on the screen. But what eats us away are the things that they do in their free time. Some live quiet lives, while others like a bit of extravagance, and some enjoy a bit of casino games.

Finding celebrity actors at casino tables in Vegas might not be that surprising. Some of them might even enjoy their favorite games at online casinos. These sites cater to the needs of various individuals from across the globe. Operators might be situated in a single country, but their casino caters to players from several countries.

For example, a great online casino in Ireland will mostly cater to Irish players, but will also accept players from Canada, the UK, US and so on. These sites offer a variety of slots, table games and live dealer titles as well as promotions and other interesting features. Moreover, some actors might enjoy themselves on these sites to avoid being caught in the spotlight.

On the other hand, you have actors that don’t hide their casino activities in the spotlight. Here are some of them:

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is a man whose name has been seen in many credits in films. He’s a versatile actor that can handle all sorts of roles like the ones in Good Will Hunting, Syriana, and The Town. In addition to this, he’s also known for his portrayal of Batman Zack Snyder’s remakes of popular superheroes. Ben’s been known to play some blackjack in his free time, but he also likes playing poker. His friend and co-actor Matt Damon have been known to enjoy a poker game or two.

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire has been in cinema for a while, but he is most famous for his portrayal of Spider-Man in the early 2000s. When he’s not starring in the next blockbuster film, he’s been known to visit a couple of casinos to enjoy some poker. Tobey is a remarkable actor and poker player so you shouldn’t be surprised to see him at a poker table the next time you visit a casino. His competitive spirit and critical thinking skills are sharpened by poker, skills he can use to prepare for the next role.

George Clooney

When it comes to legends on the screen, George Clooney is likely to have a spot. He’s another actor that has been in various films, and he’s famous for his not-so-great performance as Batman. The one franchise he’s most famous for is the Ocean’s franchise which introduced him to the world of casinos. In the films, he plays a mastermind thief that plans the robberies of several casinos. While filming the franchise he discovered an interest in casino games that has been around him ever since. He likes playing a bit of everything, making him an all-rounded player.


These actors don’t mind the lights of the film, the paparazzi, and the lights and glamor of the casinos as they have been known to enjoy a game or two.


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