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How Do I Cash Out At A Live Casino?

So, you’ve had your first winning experience at a live casino and now you want to go home, but how do you do that? These chips rattling about in your pocket are obviously no good to you outside of the confines of the casino walls, so you obviously need to get rid of them.

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Well, to start, as good etiquette, it’s better to “chip up” before you leave the table. If you’re playing blackjack, for example, and you have a stack of $5 chips, or $10 chips, etc, try and round them up to the biggest amount possible. Say you have $210 of $10 chips, get two $100 from the dealer before you leave, the same applies if you have any large stack of chips that can be “chipped up”. It saves you a bit of hassle and it also means that there’s enough change to go round if it’s a busy table instead of the dealer having to waste time getting more change. It doesn’t slow the game down too much, as long as you give the dealer the chips in nice stacks, as they’re trained to do that, it’s part of their job.

Of course if you want even less hassle, play some online pokies from the comfort of your own home. Withdrawing from them is a lot easier.

If you’ve been playing roulette, a lot of casinos will have table specific chips to identify each player at the table when they’re making “inside bets”. Remember to get them changed before you leave the roulette table. You can even say the cliched phrase, “cash me in” when you’re done playing. Just don’t say it with a stupid accent and you’ll be fine.

So, you’ve done the niceties, now it’s time to get paid. It’s the best part, naturally. All you have to do is take your chips to the cashier or the “cage”. You hand them over and they give you money in return. It’s a great system that works all over the world. Aside from the obvious, there is no better feeling in the world than when you pick up a nice lump of cash from the cashier either after a hard grind at blackjack, or a big win on the slots.

Of course, what you do with that money once you leave the casino is entirely your decision. Once I’ve bought myself something nice as a treat, some of it goes into my “gambling fund”, which I think is an important thing to have if you partake in casino gaming. Then, at the end of the year, or if I simply want to treat myself, if I’ve had a good year, I dip into that and go on vacation! I think it’s important that you treat yourself with your gambling winnings, because if you don’t, you’ll end up tempted to gamble it all away again and then what have you got to show for it? Nada. Nothing.

If you can’t be bothered with all the niceties of “chipping up”, well, you don’t have to. It does save a lot of hassle, though. Or you could just play at an online casino. There you don’t have to worry about having an odd number of chips, you simply have the money in your account and that’s that. Download the Rockbet Casino software and it’ll save you a lot of hassle and, once you’ve cashed out, there’s no temptation to go to the strip club, or the electronics store and blow all that hard-earned cash that would be in your pocket if you were playing at a live casino! Seriously, if you’re that impulsive, online casinos are perfect for you. You can still withdraw into your “gambling fund” without any of the temptation ruining it.

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