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Where Can I Play Craps Tournaments Online?

Unfortunately I’ve got bad news – as of this time, you cannot play Craps tournaments online. You can play Craps online – just not in any sort of tournament format. At this time no online casinos run anything Craps tournaments.

That’s a real shame – because having played Craps in tournament format previously in a casino, it can be a lot of fun. The rules were simple – you bought in and were given a set amount of chips. You then had a time limit and every round, the person with the least amount of chips was eliminated.

Another format I played in was “versus” mode – where you went head to head in a Craps tournament against each other – sort of like the NCAA March Madness bracket etc. That was fun.

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The most common Craps tournament however is the “rounds” one mentioned initially. The strategy to these tournaments is awesome and it really changes how you will play Craps.

So unfortunately yes – there is no online craps tournaments at this time. If that ever changes don’t worry – I’ll update this page immediately with links to whatever casinos are offering tournaments.

If you’re looking for a general casino that offers a variety of casino tournaments – Bodog is the one for you. They’re always offering new types of tournaments and in the past have offered Baccarat, Blackjack and Slots Tournaments. If there’s one place that would add Craps tournaments – it’d be them.

Hell – go one better. No point sitting around waiting. Register an account at Bodog then inform them you will only deposit if they add online craps tournaments. Play hardball with them. it may sound silly but it works. These casinos want your money, and really they’d be sitting on a goldmine with online craps tournaments.

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    Additional Craps Tournament Questions:

    I’ve seen other websites mention online craps tournaments….but I can’t find any.

    Yes – I’ve also seen those websites. I came across them when doing additional research for this article, just to make sure there wasn’t any sort of online craps tournament out there that I’ve missed.

    Be sure to read those websites closely. They don’t specifically state “Here’s where you can play craps tournaments on the internet”. Instead they will mention there is such a thing as online craps tournaments, casually mention an online casino or three – but not connect the two together.

    They’re not outright lieing to you – they’re simply attempting to mislead you in the hope that you sign up under them at that casino. Don’t fall for it.

    What’s the best strategy for Craps tournaments?

    I’d say don’t play conservatively. Be aggressive, make risky bets from the beginning. I mean – it changes depending on the rules of course and the type of tournament – but in the tournaments I’ve played, that’s always my strategy.

    Don’t be afraid to take risks early. What you want to do is get a good stack size – and force OTHERS to make the risky plays when they don’t want to. Put them under pressure and then they can make mistakes.

    Always be aware of the time as well until the end of a round. And if it is head to head – frustrate the opponent. Try and get a slight gain on him then play conservatively and match his bets. It’ll force him to put in risky bets.

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