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Play by E-mail Poker Tournament #1: Day 3

Welcome to day 3 of the Play By E-mail Texas Holdem Tournament.

We’re still at 6 people, but only just. Today will be a dramatic day.

Hand 7:

Blinds Raised.

sublyme(1548): :7s::5s:
EngineerSean(1489): :5d::9s:
Sheep-Goats(54): :ks::as:
Spasms(1430): :10d::qd:
Regular_John(1480): :4h::kc:

13/f/cali posts small blind of 20
sublyme posts the big blind of 40
EngineerSean folds
Sheep-Goats goes all-in
Spasms calls 54
Regular_John raises 210
13/f/cali folds
sublyme folds
Spasms folds

The Flop: :4d::jh::qs:
The Turn: :7c:
The River: :8c:

Sheep Goats is eliminated.

Hand 8

sublyme(1508): :10c::8d:
EngineerSean(1489): :qd::kc:
Spasms(1376): :3c::7s:
Regular_John(1648): :9h::2s:
13/f/cali(2979): :5s::8h:

sublyme posts small blind of 20
EngineerSean posts big blind of 40
Spasms Folds
Regular_John Folds
13/f/cali folds
sublyme raises to 95
EngineerSean raises to 222
sublyme calls

Pot: 444

Flop: :8c::7d::ks:

sublyme checks
EngineerSean bets 223
sublyme raises to 673
EngineerSean goes all-in
sublyme Calls

sublyme (barely) has EngineerSean covered so Sean will be eliminated if he loses.

Turn: :2h:



EngineerSean wins the pot of 2,978 chips.

Hand 9

sublyme(19): :6c::6d:
EngineerSean(2978): :9d::10d:
Spasms(1376): :kd::8c:
Regular_John(1648): : :8s::2h:
13/f/cali(2979): :2c::10s:

EngineerSean posts the small blind of 20
Spasms posts the big blind of 40
Regular_John folds
13/5/cali folds
sublyme pushes all-in.
EngineerSean calls.
Spasms checks.

Mainpot: 57 chips
Sidepot: 42 chips (Between Sean & Spasms)

Flop: :js: :ks: :ad:

EngineerSean checks
Spasms bets 53
Engineer Sean Calls

Turn: :5s:

Mainpot: 57 chips
Sidepot: 148 chips (Between Sean & Spasms)

EngineerSean checks.
Spasms checks.

River: :7d:

sublyme is eliminated. Down to 4.

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