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Klub Keno

Klub Keno is an online casino game which runs on gaming software provided by various developers, including Betsoft Gaming and Gamesys. Klub Keno, which is themed like a lottery ticket, is related to other Keno variants such as Instant Keno, Supa Keno, and Krazy Keno. Incidentally, the word Keno’, which is an Americanized noun that was first used circa 1800s, is a derivative of: one, the French term quine’ which denotes five, particularly winning combinations; and, two, Latin terms quini’ and quinque’ that might refer to fivefold.

A one-time Chinese ruler named Cheung Leung, whose rule is synonymous with the Han Dynasty, is regarded as the inventor of Keno. Faced with financial constraints amid looming simultaneous invasions, Leung’s objective was fundraising for his military activities; Keno was reportedly instrumental in financing for the renowned Great Wall. Chinese citizens, who relocated to America in the 1860s during the building of the Overland Route, a railway infrastructure, exported Keno. The ancient Keno version had 120 images but most current Keno variants have 80 balls, whereas others, such as Klub Keno, have 40 balls.

Klub Keno’s balls are written numbers one to forty, from which a player selects between three and ten ball numbers. Then the mixer on the left side selects ten ball numbers at random. The payout is based on the ‘hits’—these are the ten randomly selected ball numbers juxtaposed with those selected by the player.

Klub Keno: Game Review
Klub Keno has an awesome feature called ‘Star ball’. By the way, the ‘Star ball’ is a single ball number that is randomly selected from the forty balls, and a player earns twice (2X) the ordinary payout if any of their selected ball number is similar to this unique ball. An advantage of Klub Keno is that a player can somewhat automate the playing process. For instance, a player can simply press the “Play One” or “Play Five” or “Play Ten” buttons so as to play the respective Klub Keno game rounds repeatedly using pre-chosen numbers, rather than pressing “New Game” progressively.

The graphics of Klub Keno is appealing; the warm colors are a pointer to the developer’s familiarity with color psychology. The font size used in the numbering of Klub Keno balls makes them noticeable.

Unfortunately, it is hard to distinguish between the ‘Star ball’ and the other balls at times because there might not be the distinctive star. Klub Keno has bad odds because it is a luck-oriented game. Lastly, there is something childish about the layout of Klub Keno as if the target market was children.

Klub Keno: Strategy
The return to player rate of Klub Keno is determined by the number of balls that the player has picked. These are the RTP rates: three balls (Pick-3) has a rate of 95.26%; Pick-4 has rate of 94.77%; Pick-5 has a rate of 95.18%; Pick-6 has a rate of 95.51%; Pick-7 has 95.65%; Pick-8 has 95.65%; Pick-9 has 95.15%; and picking ten balls leads to an RTP rate of 95.81%. Therefore, a player needs to pick ten ball numbers for an optimal RTP. The house edge associated with Klub Keno can be as much as 35%, placing it among the online casino games with the topmost house edge.

In 1994, the first UK National Lottery draw was held, with a jackpot of £6.9m.

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